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  • FEM analyzes
  • CFD analyzes
  • Fatigue analyzes


  • 316/316L/1.4401/1.4404
  • 316Ti/1.4571
  • 321/1.4541
  • 304/304L/1.4301/1.4307
  • P355NH/P265GH
  • SA-516 Gr.70
  • Complies with NACE MR 0175/ ISO 15156

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Industrial agitators

HML Nosewicz is a company specializing in the design and production of high-quality industrial agitators made of steel, which play a crucial role in various industrial sectors. These precisely designed devices are extremely important in machines used for the production of paints, varnishes, adhesives, solvents, and food products. Their versatile application covers a wide range of manufacturing processes, where effective agitating is crucial for achieving high-quality products.

Industrial agitators play an indispensable role in the dispersion process of solid particles, such as powders or pigments, in appropriately selected liquids or solvents. The accuracy of this agitating process is extremely important as it determines the desired parameters and high quality of the final product.

In the production of paints, varnishes, and adhesives, the uniform distribution of pigments or binding substances is crucial for obtaining the right color, adhesive properties, and durability of paint coatings or adhesives. In the food industry, agitators are essential for properly mixing ingredients, ensuring the uniformity of taste, texture, and the overall quality of food products.

Thanks to advanced construction and precise execution, HML Nosewicz’s industrial agitators provide effective and precise agitating of substances, resulting in optimal results in manufacturing processes. The proper selection of the type of agitator and its technical properties is crucial for achieving the expected final parameters of products in various industrial sectors.

Types of industrial agitators

HML Nosewicz offers a rich selection of various types of industrial agitators designed for different needs and applications in the industry. One popular variant is the propeller agitator models, which consist of four blades, but their number can be adjusted depending on the intensity of work and the type of materials used. It is their flexibility in configuration that makes them an ideal solution for many applications. The main advantage of this type of agitator is its ability to evenly distribute shearing forces, resulting in agitating efficiency.

In addition to propeller agitators, there are also other suitable tools in the offer, such as turbine agitators, frame-anchor agitators, or spiral agitators. Each of these types has unique features that make them suitable for specific industrial applications. Turbine agitators, for example, are characterized by high efficiency while maintaining low energy consumption, while frame-anchor agitators are stable and capable of working in challenging conditions.

When choosing the right agitator, it is essential to consider several factors, such as adaptation to the appropriate rotational speeds, the type of materials it will work with, and the expected final effect of the agitating process. Proper agitator selection can significantly impact the efficiency of the production process, the quality of the mixture, and save time and energy.

HML Nosewicz not only offers a variety of industrial agitator options but also provides advice on choosing the right solution tailored to specific needs and working conditions in a particular industry or production process. Thanks to this, the customer can be confident in selecting the best tool to achieve the expected results in their industrial activities.

Propeller agitators

Propeller agitators are crucial tools in the industry that revolutionize substance agitating processes. They are characterized by ergonomic design and effective operation, allowing precise and homogeneous agitating of even the most demanding materials. Available in various sizes and configurations, these agitators are versatile and ideal for laboratories, production facilities, as well as the chemical and food industries. Thanks to advanced technologies used in the production of propeller agitators, users can enjoy easy speed adjustment and direction control, adapting the tool to the specific needs of the process. Regardless of the industry or project size, propeller agitators are created to streamline agitating processes, providing efficient and safe solutions for various applications.

Frame-anchor agitators

Frame-anchor agitators are essential tools in the chemical, food, and pharmaceutical industries, where precise agitating of substances plays a crucial role. They are characterized by a solid frame construction, making them extremely stable and effective in the agitating process. Their versatility allows for use in various production processes, from laboratory mixers to large industrial installations. Frame-anchor agitators also offer easy speed regulation and agitating direction adjustment, allowing adaptation to specific process requirements. Thanks to innovative technological solutions, these agitators guarantee efficient and homogeneous agitating of substances, translating into productivity and the quality of the final product. High-quality construction and the use of durable materials make frame-anchor agitators produced by HML Nosewicz not only effective but also durable tools, meeting the expectations of even the most demanding manufacturers.

Turbine agitators

Turbine agitators are among the most commonly used tools for agitating substances in various industrial sectors. Designed for maximum efficiency, these agitators stand out with innovative technological solutions. Thanks to the unique shape of turbine blades, they ensure intensive agitating, resulting in the even distribution of components and the achievement of a homogeneous product. Turbine agitators find applications in the chemical, pharmaceutical, and food industries, where precision and effectiveness are crucial. Speed regulation and easy operation make them irreplaceable in both smaller laboratories and large production facilities.

Spiral agitators

Spiral agitators are a modern solution that revolutionizes agitating processes in the industry. Thanks to the innovative design of spiral blades, these tools provide efficient and homogeneous agitating of substances, even for difficult-to-agitate ingredients. Spiral agitators find applications in various industries, from the chemical industry to the food industry, offering versatility and precision in every task. Speed regulation and easy operation make spiral agitators ideal for both laboratory applications and larger production installations. Thanks to them, agitating processes become more efficient, economical, and optimally adapted to the specific requirements of production.

Characteristics of industrial agitators

In the process of choosing the right equipment for agitating devices, it is essential to consider many factors that can have a crucial impact on the efficiency of work and the durability of the equipment. There is a wide range of additional equipment that affects the functionality and performance of devices.

One of the key elements is the presence or absence of a mixing shaft in the construction of the device. Some models have a mixing shaft, which is significant in the process of uniform agitating of substances. However, there are also models that do not have this element, which can be beneficial for specific applications where a different agitating method is preferred.

Industrial agitators made of steel are another important option. These models are often equipped with motors that allow speed regulation, providing a convenient solution to adjust the device’s operation to specific production needs. This is crucial, especially when there is a need to change the agitating speed depending on the type of substance or the stage of the production process.

Additionally, it is essential to consider conveniences that increase user comfort and the mobility of devices. Options such as systems facilitating the transportation of equipment, ergonomic handles, or special mechanisms facilitating operation can significantly impact work efficiency and the convenience of equipment use.

An important aspect, especially in the context of industry, is the material from which these devices are made. Due to contact with various substances, including chemicals, devices must be made of durable materials that are resistant to corrosion and chemical reactions. Stainless steel is often the chosen material for the production of industrial agitators because it allows working with water-based liquids without the risk of corrosion, ensuring the durability and safety of equipment use.

In this way, choosing the right additional equipment and appropriate construction materials plays a crucial role in ensuring not only efficiency but also the safety and durability of agitating devices in various industrial conditions.

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