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Heat exchangers


  • ASME Sec.VIII Div.1
  • EN 13445
  • AD2000
  • FEM analyzes
  • CFD analyzes
  • Fatigue analyzes

Design parameters:

  • Pressure up to 200bar(g)
  • Temperatures up to 550⁰C


  • 316/316L/1.4401/1.4404
  • 316Ti/1.4571
  • 321/1.4541
  • 304/304L/1.4301/1.4307
  • P355NH/P265GH
  • SA-516 Gr.70
  • SA-106 Gr.B
  • Duplex
  • SMO
  • Complies with NACE MR 0175/ ISO 15156

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Heat exchangers – the key to efficient energy management

In industrial processes and heating systems, heat exchangers have become an indispensable component, crucial for effective operation. They play a significant role by enabling the efficient exchange of thermal energy between various substances, resulting not only in energy savings but also in a substantial increase in overall system efficiency. In this context, HML Nosewicz gains recognition as an undisputed leader in the production of high-quality industrial heat exchangers. Top-notch heat exchangers are characterized not only by precision in craftsmanship but also by advanced technology that seamlessly aligns with modern industry requirements. The use of HML Nosewicz products not only optimizes industrial processes but also enhances energy efficiency, ultimately leading to reduced operational costs and increased competitiveness for businesses. In a world of rapidly advancing technologies and rising expectations regarding performance, HML Nosewicz remains a reliable partner, delivering top-quality solutions that meet the most rigorous industry standards.

Heat exchangers in various industries

Heat exchangers play a crucial role in diverse sectors, proving particularly valuable in industries such as chemical, food, energy, and HVAC systems (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning). In these areas, their role revolves around the efficient exchange of thermal energy between two streams of substances, simultaneously minimizing energy losses. The effectiveness of this exchange allows for a significant reduction in the consumption of fossil fuels, directly translating into lowered production costs. Equally important, the use of industrial heat exchangers contributes to minimizing the negative impact on the natural environment, a crucial aspect in the context of contemporary environmental protection challenges. Thus, these innovative devices not only contribute to the efficiency and profitability of industrial processes but also align with global efforts towards sustainable development.

Why choose HML Nosewicz heat exchangers?

HML Nosewicz stands out in the market as a manufacturer of the highest-quality heat exchangers. Why opt for products from this company?

Experience and Expertise: HML Nosewicz possesses extensive experience and knowledge in the field of heat exchangers. Our team of engineers and specialists ensures that products meet the highest quality standards.

Innovation: We invest in research and the development of new technologies, offering innovative solutions that enable even more efficient heat exchange.

Tailored Solutions: We deliver products customized to individual needs and requirements, ensuring optimal performance and energy savings for our customers.

Certified Quality: HML Nosewicz products meet the highest standards of quality and safety, confirmed by numerous certificates and approvals.

HML Nosewicz industrial heat exchangers

Heat exchangers offered by HML Nosewicz guarantee not only efficient energy management but also key cost savings and minimal environmental impact. With our rich experience, leading-edge innovative solutions, and unwavering commitment to quality, we maintain our position as a market leader in industrial heat exchangers. If you are looking for solutions to optimize industrial processes and enhance overall efficiency, HML Nosewicz products are an excellent choice. At HML Nosewicz, we not only adhere to the latest technological advancements but also focus on delivering solutions tailored to individual customer needs. Explore our full range and discover how you can achieve success by choosing top-quality heat exchangers that meet the most demanding industry standards. Collaborating with HML Nosewicz is not just an investment in efficiency but also a step towards a sustainable and responsible approach to industrial processes.

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