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Quick Opening Closure


  • ASME Sec.VIII Div.1
  • EN 13445
  • AD2000
  • FEM analyzes
  • CFD analyzes
  • Fatigue analyzes

Design parameters:

  • Pressure up to 200bar(g)
  • Temperatures up to 550⁰C


  • 316/316L/1.4401/1.4404
  • 316Ti/1.4571
  • 321/1.4541
  • 304/304L/1.4301/1.4307
  • P355NH/P265GH
  • SA-516 Gr.70
  • SA-106 Gr.B
  • Duplex
  • SMO
  • Complies with NACE MR 0175/ ISO 15156

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Quick opening closure: safety and efficiency in industrial applications

In today’s dynamic industrial world, there is a growing demand for solutions that combine operational efficiency with ensuring the safety of workers and infrastructure. One key element meeting these criteria is the quick opening closure, or in other words, fast-opening closures. It is worth examining why they are crucial in various industrial sectors.

What are quick opening closures?

Quick opening closures are mechanical devices that allow for the rapid opening and closing of containers such as pressure vessels, reactor vessels, or pipelines. In the industry, they are used for various purposes, including testing, maintenance, repairs, and operations. The key feature of these devices is the ability to provide instant access to the interior of the container, significantly speeding up operational processes and reducing downtime.

Applications of quick opening closures

Fast-opening closures find applications in various industrial sectors:

  1. Oil and gas industry: In this industry, where pressure vessels and containers are integral to production processes, Quick Opening Closures enable quick and safe opening and closing, essential for maintenance and equipment upkeep.
  2. Chemical industry: In chemical laboratories where chemical reaction processes take place under controlled conditions, these closures facilitate access to the reactor’s interior for sampling and analysis.
  3. Food Industry: In food production, Quick Opening Closures can be used for cleaning and maintaining tanks used in the production of beverages or milk.
  4. Pharmaceutical industry: In the pharmaceutical sector, where cleanliness and process control are critical, these closures assist in providing safe access to reactors and other equipment.

Advantages of quick opening closures

Speed and Efficiency: They allow for rapid access to the interior of the container, reducing downtime and increasing operational efficiency.

Safety: Thanks to precise mechanisms, they ensure safe opening and closing, minimizing the risk of accidents.

Versatility: They can be adapted to different types of containers and vessels, making them versatile.

Quick opening closures in industry

Quick opening closures, or fast-opening closures, are an essential element in industries where safety, operational efficiency, and accessibility are key criteria. When choosing such solutions, it is advisable to prioritize the quality and experience of the supplier to ensure the best results in the respective industrial field.

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